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As fate would have it, we met as students in LJMU's MA Film course in 2020. Our online classes taught us all we could about building and operating a successful film festival. And successful it was. LJMU's first film festival received critical acclaim from everyone who attended, which was the starting point for the SSFF.

Upon graduation, we flew the coop and began building the Starling Short Film Festival to create and grow our own little murmuration in the world of film festivals. With so many people's help and hard work, we brought SSFF to the film festival track. 

Now with our first year under our belts, we hope that the next festival and those to come are bigger and better than its predecessor.


About Our Festival: Welcome



Fiction's capabilities are as endless as a piece of string.


Everyone and everything has a story to tell. How will you tell your story?


Your imagination is limitless in the world of animation.


Calling all students, here is your moment to shine. Come and show us the best films you have made.


This is our particular category. Each year we have a different topic for filmmakers to interpret. This year's topic is based on 'Community'.

What is your first thought when thinking of the word 'Community'?

Well, tell us. You get full creative reign with this particular category. Showcase your best interpretation of what community means to you.

About Our Festival: Program
Award Winner_edited_edited.jpg


What's a film festival without awards? Here are the awards for the films chosen by our panel of judges:

Best Animation 

Best Student 

Best Fiction 

Best Documentary

Best Interpretari

The audience can also get involved too. By choosing your favourite film, our selected films will also be within a chance of winning:

Murmuration Award

About Our Festival: Image
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