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Kat Walmsley Pic_edited.jpg
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Kat recently graduated with a 1st class honours degree from DMU and is now studying MA in Screenwriting at LJMU. In 2021, Kat oversaw an online film festival catered around the theme of coming of age and was the lead coordinator for the cinema bizarre section of the festival.

Kat Walmsley

Jack has been involved with projects ranging from Apple TV comedies and HETV projects, to self-shooting sports documentaries for semi-professional rugby league clubs and narrative short films.

Jack Kinsella

Our Jury Members: Testimonials


VB 1.jpg
Luke H.jpeg

Vikram Bhandari is an independent filmmaker whose favourite genre is the cinéma vérité style within broader documentary filmmaking. Vikram has over two decades of experience in documentary filmmaking and has also created videos for non-profits and broadcast television in India and Europe.

Vikram Bhandari

With years of touring, field recording and remote mixing, Luke’s musical and technical career has lifted him to realise important cultural and artistic ideals. As he says, "his life's blood is in his work".

Luke Hodgkinson

Our Jury Members: Testimonials


Dan Sloan Pic.jpg
Ruth Pic1.jpg

Dan is a multi-award winning filmmaker based in the Wirral. His work has achieved awards from all over the world, from SA Indie Film Festival, Rome Outcast Independent Film Awards and the Liverpool Film Festival

Dan Sloan

Ruth is the Programme Leader for Film Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. Ruth is also one of the co-founding editors for the peer-reviewed Routledge journal 'Transnational Screens' and co-author of 'Understanding Film Theory' (2017, 2nd edition).

Dr. Ruth Doughty

Our Jury Members: Testimonials


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James S Pic.jpg

Lydia Papadimitriou is Reader (Associate Professor) in Film Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. Since 2020 she has organised with the MA Film students the LJMU MA Short Film Festival which has brought together filmmakers and their films from all over the globe.

Lydia Papadimitriou

James is a 3rd-year Film Student at John Moores University and has worked on his fair share of films. He specialised in short films that are low to no-budget films with his small crew.

James Sharpe

Our Jury Members: Testimonials


Sezen Pic.jpg
Michał Piotrowski Pic_edited.jpg

Sezen Kayhan is a multidisciplinary filmmaker hailing from Turkey, currently based in Germany. Her films have gained critical acclaim and showcased in numerous festivals worldwide. Festivals such as Tribeca, BFI London, and Sofia IFF are a few. For several years, she worked in the production and art departments of feature films, documentaries and TV dramas in Italy, Turkey and the US.

Sezen Kayhan

Michał is a student of film, directing at Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School in Poland. With his background in theatre, Michał has been awarded The Silesian Voivoidship Marshal’s Award for Young Artists and holder of Silesian Voivodeship Marshal’s Scholarship in Culture five times.

Michał Piotrowski

Our Jury Members: Testimonials
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